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“I’m working much harder these days in this tougher economy, but business is great. I need to focus to keep it that way.”

Those words came to me via email from a long-time hiring manager. This is a successful entrepreneur and family man that has been part of multiple successful startups and, at times, commuted between 2 vastly separated parts of the country to make a new venture successful.

These are encouraging words to hear. Especially coming from someone who has been through up and down markets more than once. It is becoming a more common update these days; successful people working their butts off to grow a business.

And the reason? It’s simply what they do. If I’ve learned anything from working with the talented people in technology it’s that they work hard and they work inspired. They work because it’s a part of the fabric of who they are as individuals.

I’ve been telling a lot of my contacts that I’m hearing comments like these with increased intensity. I do not pretend to know what is happening with the economy or how things will look 6 months or a year from now. All I know is that every day I have conversations with startup people who are working with a focus and with a drive that I hope to see soon in other parts of our economy.

“The business is growing well. We’re working really hard and seeing positive results; hoping to hire in another 3 months.”

These words came from a new hiring manager at a brick-and-mortar startup that started selling their product towards the end of last year. Again … inspiring to hear when so many in this country are gripped by their fears.

It’s a late night and I’m off to bed in a bit, but I at least wanted to forward this to all of you out there looking to get a read on what is happening beyond your line of sight. Keep your heads down and chins up, people.

Tomorrow is a new day and as I always say … opportunities DO abound!


I attended an event a couple of days ago celebrating the launch of a tasty startup – Yes, that’s right, bacon without an “o.” The company started as a Twitter Tweet gone berzerk by a bacon-loving software engineer.

If you love bacon, you need to visit this site. You’ll find great recipes, fun t-shirts and, believe it or not … a hot little company focused on how technology changes real lives of real people.

What started out as a fun idea built around his passion is actually growing into a business. Scott Kveton took his love for bacon, searched and found that there were actually a few business needs that he could fill by taking a fresh approach on a much-loved food.

So what does a little startup like this have to do with your life, and how you search for ways to keep a positive attitude through the murk of doom and gloom in the technology industry?

There’s a ton of work to do, but the great news for all of you out there is that innovation is still alive. There are lots of smart people in this country and in our industry. In general, wherever smart money is you’ll also find smart people, and vice versa.

It is clear to me that now is the perfect time to build a new company … whether you are a bacon-lover or someone with experience and vision for the future of cloud computing. Things haven’t been worse in a long, long time. And if we’re not at the bottom yet, we’re not far off.

But even newly formed, innovative startups are only part of the answer. Ask yourself what is behind each killer startup? People. Smart people.

From my well-positioned seat on the sidelines, one message I have not heard anyone broadcasting is this: we’re all in this together, people! We pass each other in the coffee shop, at schools while dropping off our kids, and countless other places. WHEN we pull out of this dive, it will be because a majority of us decided to work together.

That is, after all, what every hotbed of technology has started with: smart people, working together as ambitious individuals. True, many competed with each other, but no one was afraid to step out of the shadows and take a risk, even if it meant failure. I’m starting to see people throw caution to the wind, even if it’s for no other reason than pure desparation and a lack of other options.

As you strive to keep “above the fray” of negativity, realize that you are not alone. Others are fighting this same battle every day. If you are employed, go about your day with a sense of vigor and opportunity. After all, if you’re still employed, it’s probably for a good reason and with a company that has resources to join the other companies with resources to pull out of this funk.

If you are searching for the right job and/or have been let go by your company, take hope in the people you see every day. Connect with people, put some energy into that idea that has been rattling around in your head. And pause for a moment to look into the eyes of the people you pass at your child’s school.

We’re all in this together, friends. In rough times and in good times this has always been our reality.

It’s a crazy time in Silicon Valley and the technology world in general! In this blog, I’ll fill you in on ways to thrive when the rest of the world is struggling to survive.

When you’re looking for a job, two things you’ll always hear from me: Be Yourself (even if you REALLY want that job, or to hire that top talent), and Know YOUR Priorities. Most people go through a job search without really knowing what’s most important to them. Don’t allow that to happen!

I’ve been through these crazy times and finding a new job with a hot startup in the Silicon Valley or the San Francisco area in general is too great a move to make not to do it right.

As I always say … HOW you do something is as important as WHAT you eventually do.

Stay tuned …

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